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Mortar and pestle

As a master herbalist, I’ve seen a lot of disinformation about herbs both on the internet and in the general public. This website and the books offered here are designed to give you accurate information based on both my experience and education. All of this information can be backed up by reliable sources.

Many of these resources are on-line, and all are listed in the books that I write. A few are Mayo Clinic, University of Maryland and medscape.

Choosing herbs for depression, gout and other problems takes care and consideration. The information provided will give you the ability to talk to your primary care provider and your pharmacist in order to prevent drug/herb interactions or worsening a medical condition.

These books also cover alternative remedies for children and elders. Both require special consideration when choosing supplements. Undeveloped systems in the young and medical conditions in the elderly make it very important to be careful. In children, size differences are another factor that requires careful thought.


I’ve also had a great deal of experience in eldercare. This is a natural extension of the goals of this website, as most elders prefer to remain in their own homes. My newest e-book, Eldercare: An in the Trenches Look at Caregiving was written to help family members honor that desire.

Besides the informative chapters, it has links to the various forms needed to set up a living trust, assign durable power of attorney and so on. There are also chapters that explain how to deal with financial matters, hanging up the car keys and dealing with dementia patients.

We’ve also added a forum, so feel free to join us and ask me questions. Your feedback is important, and there are no stupid questions when it comes to natural remedies or elder care.